Who are we

Who are we? Spass Für Kinder and familyfun.site stems from two families’ love of attractions for children and their families. The website familyfun.site began with a common interest in making it easy to find out where to go with your children or grandchildren, whether it’s on vacation, one-day trip or for a long weekend.

We have in recent years sought on the internet to find activities in Germany that were made especially for families with children, but we could not really find anything, so we decided to do something about it and now we proudly present familyfun.site

Whether you like the major theme parks or the free activities, you will find what you are searching for – you can search for just the destination that suits your children and economy.

Do you know of an attraction or destination that is not on the site, please feel free to write to
us, so we can make our guide as useful as possible. For the same reason we also appreciate if you would write a review of the places you visit, so others can enjoy your experiences.

The families

Who are we? The families behind familyfun.site

We are the family Birk de Linde, a family of 5 consisting of parents Thomas and Mette and children
Christian, Rosa and Maja and The Family From Soerensen, who is also a family of 5 consisting of parents
Martin and Camilla and the kids Theo, Xander and Bastian.

Common to us is that we love to spend time with our children, the youngest Theo is 1.5 years old and the oldest Maja is 16 years old, which means that we’re doing very different things with our children and are looking for very different activities, as we want to satisfy all age groups. We enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and bake funny cakes, cookies, bread and other exciting things that come to mind
We enjoy a long walk in the woods with the dog and fiddle with different creative things such as making a child’s birthday extra special by adding little creative things.
Our hearts beat for the simple but beautiful kitchen creations where kids can join, and activities that spread joy with our children

Thanks for dropping by this site, we hope you can find inspiration for your next vacation or trip with your kids or grandkids and we look forward to show you our small creative creations in and outside the kitchen.

The best greetings
The family Birk de Linde & Family From Soerensen