Rain, rain, rain… What to do when it rains

When rain is pouring down outside as it presumably often does, it is necessary to find fun things to do indoors. Here we list some ideas for inspiration.

1: Go to the cinema

If you have a movie theater nearby, then take a look at the movies playing at the moment and hit the road.

2: Find or purchase a board game

In these computer times there is less and less focus on board games, but it’s actually a really pleasant activity – even when it rains.

3: Find indoor activites

There are lots of fun outings where rain is no problem. Try searching for museums, indoor theme parks and more near by

4: Build a cave in the living room

Children have a great imagination, and if you give them permission to use duvets, pillows and chairs they can build the most amazing caves that can provide fun for many hours. Try to join in- it can actually be really fun.

5: Build fun stuff of beach stuff or forest things

Put on rubber boots and rain gear and go for a walk on the beach (or in the forest) and find different materials you can bring home and use. It does not matter that it is raining – when you get back just brew a pot of hot cocoa, warm up and then start making fun stuff out of your materials. Creativity has no boundaries.

rain is pouring down what to do when it rains

6: Go to the circus (yes if it is circus season)

In summer, it should be possible to find a show near you.

7: Forget that the weather is bad

Put on warm clothes, rubber boots and rain gear and forget that it is raining – get out into the fresh air anyway and have fun in the rain.

8: Go to the library

When it rains outside, it is nice to gather with the kids on the sofa with good books. Start with a trip to the library with the kids and then home and enjoy the time together. Many libraries are now also equipped with children’s cozy corners including toys, play station, clothing for dressing up and other fun things

9: Go in the kitchen the whole family

Many kids think it’s super cozy baking with mom and dad or grandparents, use rainy days to bake a delicious cake or some good buns.

10: Go bowling

Very young children do not get much out of bowling, but if you have children over about 6 years, then it may be a hit to find a bowling center.

11: Make your own modeling clay

2 cups flour, 1 cup of fine salt, 1 teaspoon of tartaric acid.
The above is mixed in a pan. Then add 3 tsp oil, 2 cups water, ½ fl. food coloring (small)
Stir over a low flame, it looks like nothing but mud, but suddenly becomes thick. Can be used immediately, but should be cool first.
Place in jars with lids and store in refrigerator.