Tips for your trips

It can be expensive to take a trip – before you know it, you have used a lot of money on transport, entrance and not least food and drink. One way to save money is to bring your own food and drinks and also be aware of what the money is spent on. Here are some tips for your trips with children and how excursion becomes cheaper.

1 Bring food from home

By taking food from home you avoid buying expensive food, however it also requires some planning in order to make it a positive experience for all. Here it may be a good idea to make a checklist of what you need to make so it is easy to check up on whether everything has been packed or not.

You can choose to make a nice picnic basket with a cooler bag, tableware, tablecloth etc. Or to pack a backpack with finger foods such as mini pizzas, sausage rolls, canoes, samosas, savory muffins and the like. They taste delicious and are easy to carry along as they do not require cooling elements and they can be prepared well in advance and put in the freezer until you need them. If the food requires cooling it can be packed with the drinks.

2 Bring your drinks from home

You can save money by bringing your own drinks, but remember to put them in fridge in proper time. It is important to bring water especially on hot days, the water can be frozen in the beverage cans, so that it remains cool during the day, as it thaws up.

Drinks whether it is juice, sodas, water or other, are expensive on the excursion, so here is a lot of money to save. If the adults need coffee or tea, it is a good idea to bring a thermos of boiling water plus tea bags and some instant coffee in a cup.

If it is cold the whole family will certainly appreciate hot cocoa, but remember not to keep hot milk in a thermos for several hours.

3 More tips for your trips are bring fresh fruit from home.

Fruit belongs to every outing, whether it should be whole pieces of fruit and nibbling fruit or a fruit salad or fresh berries, you decide, but do a little for instance let the children make their own fruit skewers and supplement with dried fruit and nuts and almonds.

4 Candy, sweets and goodies.

Often kids are allowed to buy some candy when they are at the movies, but the price is often more than twice as high as the one you pay at the store just around the corner.

A good tip for making the purchased candy appear more inviting is to buy empty paper candy bags at the supermarket, which is designed for children’s birthday parties. These colorful paper bags are great for candy, popcorn, a cookie or other goodies from the kitchen cupboard.

If you cannot find the special bags you can buy plain white ones and make the children decorate them to their own liking.

5 Other Sweets: I wonder if most children and adults do not have a sweet tooth ?! Instead of buying expensive and unhealthy sweets you can bring your own homemade delights. Often the kids get ice cream when the family is on a trip. You could make homemade delicious snacks with the kids instead, make sure it is suitable for transport such as cookies, muffins, homemade granola bars, fat and low-sugar apple muffins, cinnamon scones and so on.

6 Salted snacks: Create your own healthy and affordable snack that tastes great: pesto snails, sesame baked olives, pizza crusts, popcorn, rice crackers, peanuts, pistachios, breadsticks and pretzels. It can also be a good idea to supplement the salt with a little of the green, peppers, radish, peas, celery, cucumber, carrots or olives. There may also be made dips, if you have the time and inclination. Please remember that children under the age of two should not eat peanuts because of a toxin that can cause damage in the lungs if the child get a peanut stuck in the throat. It can be life threatening.

7 Pocket money.

It can be ideal to arrange a specific amount prior to the trip for each child to use on candy and/or souvenir that way the child knows how much money there is to use, and it can be easier to explain to them when the money is spend.

8 Buy gifts where they are best and cheapest!

If you want to buy something for your child consider where you buy it, or you might be able to bring the gift or surprise from home. In the case of a small child 2 -3 years old, it may seem unreasonable to pay 10 euro for a helium balloon, when you maybe could get a free balloon from an attraction or buy a bag with 5 giant balloons for 4 euros.

Also consider to make a stop at a store and let the children buy a little toy instead of letting them buy at the souvenir shop where things are much more expensive.

9 Take photos instead of buying expensive cards.

Always remember to bring your camera or a phone that can take good pictures.

Tip: For kids it can be super fun to make a scrapbook with pictures and their own text about the experiences you had together on tour.

That way you focus on what you experience together, the community and togetherness rather than the material and get a precious memory because of the beautiful scrapbook that can also include free brochures and things, you can gather.

10 The last of our  tips for your trips is preparation is the key to success.

As in all aspects of life, it also applies to a trip, the important thing is to prepare yourself both practically and mentally. Especially the latter is important.

The focus must not be how much you spend or the kids get, but on how experiences are and the fact that you share them together. It’s about shifting the focus from everything measurable and comparable.

You do things your way and not necessarily as the other families, it is 100% ok to take a trip without having to buy and consume. As long as we’re together, everything is good!
You can save a lot of money by following the ten advice, be creative and remember of course, a splash surprise! A lovely day together with the family is more than anything about being together.

The fact that you show each other sincere interest and attention is the most important thing. We must focus on each other and be 100% present.

It may ultimately be just as nice to go to the countryside and pick strawberries together as to spend a fortune on an expensive activity!

We hope that you have found our tips for your trips useful and wish you happy days on the road!

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Tips for your trips

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