Camping with children

Want to go camping with children? When you are going on holiday with children, there are many options to choose from – whether you fancy a walk in the city, in a holiday resort, where you are guaranteed “good weather”, or camping, the choice can be difficult and depends on what your goal for the holiday is.

Go camping with children – they will thank you!

Camping is ideal for children. There is everything the heart desires of activities, and you can choose to camp near the beach, forest or city, as desired. Whatever you wish for, there is a camp with exactly the desired features, and playmates are always reachable.

We bought our caravan, when our children were 1, 7 and 9 years old. I must admit, I was a little curious to see how it would be like to camp, especially with the youngest.

The caravan

Of course there are a lot of different caravans, and thus facilities and price ranges to suit all tastes. We chose to buy the car privately. This meant that we got a lot included in additional price, but also that we got the caravan cheaper than at a retailer.

Bunk beds

We bought a car with bunk beds, mainly because I found it important that the children had their own space. At one end we have two bunk beds and a small table with a bench on each side and the possibility to make a large bed. Under the beds is storage space, and in addition there are cabinets for diapers, toys, clothes, etc.

Own place

It is absolutely perfect that they have their own place where they can sit with their belongings and rest, or they can be in bed curl up if they like, and we do not have first make the beds first – as it is necessary in some caravans.

Features for toddlers

Our youngest still uses diapers and in Ikea we bought a high chair, which could be dismantled in seconds. Furthermore, the chair has a seat made of plastic and therefore weighs minimal, which is important when you need to load a caravan. The chair is very easy to clean and fits at the table in the caravan when it is too cold in the tent. The chair is incredibly cheap, and in addition, it has been tested by several magazines and evaluated as “very good”. And if you’re not camping, you have an extra highchair at home.

Bring food

If we were on the road for a long time, we brought with us small portions frozen food which we could easily thaw when the little one was hungry. Either in Microwave oven in the camping kitchen or by boiling water in a saucepan. It worked well.   We always bring a kettle to warm both instant coffee and to baby food. Moreover, we brought plastic dishes

Many activities

When camping there is always something to do. If you are traveling during the high season, many of the different campsites arrange activities for kids such as Circus, disco party and so on.

Many places have a pool both indoor and outdoor and most children love to spend time in the water and on the slides

Clothing for any weather

Camping means that you rely on the weather, therefor bring clothes for hot and cold, wet and dry – if it rains, simply pull the rubber boots and go splashing in puddles. All campsites have at least one playground and great places usually have several. In addition, there are usually sports fields, and some places today have moon cars or bicycles. Activity and friends

The days are never boring, from morning to evening they are full of activity. The children are in full swing, from arrival to departure, and we might as well send them to the playground while we set up the tent. At a campsite, there are always playmates just outside the front door, it’s great – and very relaxing for us as parents – that the children can play and have fun.

We never hear “I’m bored” or “What should I do?” from our children, and it must also be noted that the evenings are quiet when we camp. Three tired children are put to bed, sleep immediately and sleep until the next morning. This is beautiful and suggest that they burned a lot of energy while having fun. In fact, we have introduces “family time” mostly after dinner to ensure, that we spend time together as a family and not just apart. We might go for a walk around the square and eat an ice cream and just chat a little or go to the playground together. If we feel like it we just stay at the caravan and relax before it is time to go to sleep.

Which location to choose

When we camp, we choose campsite based on location and activities for the children. What playgrounds do they have and what is the standard, is there something for the little ones, do they have a pool/water park and what about the toilets / bath rooms. These are all things to keep in mind when choosing where to go.

We are “Vacation People” and we want to experience something, when we are on holiday: take a stroll in close by city, a trip to the forest or to the beach, or visit the sights around the area. It is actually very easy to persuade the children to take a stroll when they know that the playground and the pool call when we get back. We have never had conflicts with the fact that we should do other things, so it works really well for us.

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