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Are you interested in advertising at you can see the possibilities and prices in the following.


Prices for Advertiments with Spass für Kinder at

(Price/ 1000 views)



CPM 10 (0.010).

Article banner:

CPM 7 (0,007).



  • Geotargeting.
  • Frequency control: (1 Only / 1 times / specific period)
  • Section control, only selected issues (for example, in the section of museums, swimming pools, etc.)

With respect to the above-mentioned options, the following cc rates apply per election

  1. cpm 5
  2. cpm 10.
  3. cpm 15.

Alternative display options for those who would like to place advertisements in the form of competitions and newsletters. The offer is valid for the period of the competition or for the month in which a newsletter is sent.

Special offer

Front and Newsletter 500,00 Euro. It must be approved before being published and constitute a particularly good deal for the members.

Free tickets

At least 20 tickets, for an editorial report on the website and in the Newsletter

First ranking

•  First ranking on the results list 240.00 euros per month.

(Only possible for attractions within the exclusive search of visitors to this website. (For example, indoor playgrounds). on reserve the right to make price changes with 3 month notice.